Monday, August 22, 2011

A New School Year

The boys were so excited this morning!  (well actually for the last week!)  They couldn't wait to go back to school!  
(I need to get them to the doctor)
They are thrilled about who their teachers are this year and so excited about the kids in their class.

Anyway, they have had amazing teachers during their "career" and I just love making those wonderful ladies feel special.  Some of my good friends are teachers and I'm amazed to hear how much they spend out of their OWN pocket!   Below is the first day of school goodie bag.  Teachers are always using notes or cards for personal use or to send to a parent.  I printed out some cute "notebook paper" cards with each of their names on them.  I got mine from Call Me Crafty Al but you can Google teacher printable cards or crafty teacher gifts or go on Pinterest and check out the amazing things for teachers!  My good friend Christian has a great "board" with really good teacher ideas.  Check it out here. 
(if you don't have an account with Pinterest yet, email me for an invite)

Teachers always need a little chocolate and they use all different colors of pens and don't forget the crayons and pencils!  Sticky notes, clips, pins, and gift cards are always a hit!  One of my sweet teacher friends said, "Any type of small gesture is always nice."

I took the same image and printed their names out for a gift bag name tag.  I hope this tiny token of appreciation makes their day a little bit better.  Also, don't forget about the wonderful ladies in the office.  They have to deal with us, ya know!

Have a great week and if you have a chance, open up a box of new Crayola Crayons.  Betcha can't do it without smiling...

Question:  What reminds YOU of school?  What are your memories of the first day back?  

Oh!!  And stay tuned tomorrow for a GREAT giveaway!  One word hint:  Chocolate
One word hint:  Chocolate


  1. Oh, if only I had stayed. Perhaps I would've gotten the good stuff instead of Holly. :) soooooooo cute!! I told her how lucky she is to have you all in her life. When does Jacob plan to wear his orange shirt?

  2. The boys look so handsome. And your trip to the Lego place in Dallas looks like so much fun! I had no idea there was one of these in Dallas....I would love to take the boys but I'm thinking they're still probably too young for the rides? Good idea for a weekend trip....thanks for the tip!