Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Pieces

I've been finishing up some projects that I've had a while and needed to put up for sale.  I'm pretty excited about all of these pieces and it's going to be hard to watch some of them go.  If you are interested in any of these, please email me for an appointment to view them.

The first one is The Accountant.  When I brought this one home and Michael saw it in the garage, he fell in love with it!  HE actually asked ME if we could KEEP it!?  Yes, I wanted to, but where would we put it?  Yep, that's the dilemma with finding great pieces and that's our rule.  If there is no specific place for it to go, it's gotta go.  So this time we are both pouting...
The really neat thing about this desk is the back has shelves.  It also comes with a matching chair and 2 vintage books.
$225  SOLD

The second piece is called The Secretary.  
 She is a beauty.  I rescued her from a bad blue and red paint job and freshened her up with a gray.  She looks great open and comes completely furnished and staged with vintage books, postcards, envelopes, and more.
$250 SOLD

The other pieces I have for sale are the Mini Pajak,  5 Drawer Beauty and a variety of antiques and knick knacks.
The Mini Pajak is $185 and comes with no accessories.

The 5 Drawer Beauty is $60 with no accessories.
SOLD...Thanks Kathy!

 Stay tuned!  I'm working on an Etsy Shop to start listing some of my vintage and antique items, signs, and more.
Have a great week!


  1. Hi Kerrie! I love your site, as the only girl in my house, I surely appreciate it! You have the neatest stuff.. Thanks for sharing, I'll most certainly be back!

  2. Ok...I love the "5 Drawer Beauty"...too bad it's sold! You are doing an amazing job. It's fun to see your "new" stuff!

  3. they are all awesome, but i especially love that little aqua cabinet! so cute!

  4. I would so want to keep The Accountant, too! It's such a neat desk!

  5. I love the secretary! Thank you so much for linking up!