Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chalkboard DIY

I have wanted to put a chore list somewhere in the kitchen to help the boys remember what needs to be done, but just haven't had time.  The boys were at their Mimi's house so it was the perfect time to get some little things done around the house.  I was inspired to do this by a friends' storage room that has one whole wall done in chalkboard paint.  It's awesome!  Tons of room to write memos and their chore list.  I did mine on a smaller scale by putting it on the back of my pantry door.

I taped off the area I wanted to paint and painted it with Americana Chalkboard Paint from Hobby Lobby.  I painted three coats of the paint, letting it dry for an hour between coats.   The directions also say wait 24 hours before writing on it.

So why stop at the pantry??
I usually write a little note on the mirror in our bathroom for Michael (yes, with lipstick...I know I'm a dork) 
So I decided a less messy way of leaving him a note is to paint the back of his medicine cabinet.  Now I can encourage him without wasting my lipstick...

Next, I headed upstairs to the boys' bathroom.   I just did the front panel of their medicine cabinet.  This is a good reminder for them to brush their teeth.  Yes, they STILL need reminders...
Also, this will be great for their Bible verse memorization for school.  Just a little reminder that I love them.

Yes, I did stop there.  
So?  What can you turn into a chalkboard?  An old cabinet door?  A frame?  Your pantry door?  It's a very quick and easy DIY that will be an encouragement to your family.
Have a great 4th!


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