Friday, January 28, 2011

Ha ha...Very funny...

Well, having boys has yet again provided me with endless entertainment. I'm sure I'll get Mother-Of-The-Year Award for posting this but my boys don't get on the internet anyway... Will I share? Of course I will.

Needed info...
So. Being the oldest of five brothers and sisters, I had the "priviledge" of having offspring first. Yay me. The first to not know what the heck I was doing with know the guessing game. This is how it looked back in 2000... Examples...
Kerrie -Are they hungry, wet, fussy, gassy, etc. Is THAT suppose to happen? What IS that?
Siblings - ...
Kerrie -What do you think? Oh that's right, I'm the only one who has a baby so far. I can't ask you!
Siblings - We are all going out to do such and such for hours on end, do you want to come?
Kerrie -Oh no thanks, I'm going to stay here. Alone. With my infant. Good times.
Siblings - I'm going to take a nap.
Kerrie - A nap? What exactly is the definition of that?

Well, things have changed a little over the last 10 years. Now there are 8 grandchildren and mine are ages 10, 8, and 5. My baby sisters have babies and I couldn't be more thrilled. (thrilled to be able to take a nap while they are falling asleep eating) Did I say that outloud?
No, I do have sympathy for them and help them when I can. Only because I know what it's like.

Getting closer to the actual story...
So. Now that my darling boys are the "older" ones in the group, not the babies, there is a whole new side of the equation that I didn't know about. When I was "feeding" Jacob there was noone to look at me funny or wonder what I'm doing. You get the point. I was the only one. Now that my two sisters and my darling SIL have babies, it's a whole new ballgame. (can someone pinch hit for me) There are little eyes watching everything.

Acutal story...
So. There came a time where I had to sit down my older two, and talk to them about what Aunt SoAndSo (name changed to protect the identity and embarrassment of the innocent) was doing under the "Hooter Hider." (affectionately called) OK. So God made women to......and when they have their baby their bodies......and that's how......and milk......and remember it was God, not me, who invented this so don't shoot the messenger. I told them we need to give Aunt SoAndSo privacy and not to joke about it, etc. It's a natural, wonderful, thing, yada yada yada.

Funny part is actually coming...
So. There I was with my 10 and 8 year old boys talking about boobs. Yay me. Aaron interrupted and said "Caleb has a bracelet that says, I LOVE BOOBS." I quickly asked..."Is it pink?" And he said, "Yes." Whew! Breast Cancer Awareness. Thank you Lord. I didn't really want to think that my 5 year old has a bracelet...nevermind... So I explained the Pink Ribbon that we see everywhere and that it's a really good cause for a serious issue. Now that brought up the bumper sticker that Jacob had seen that said "Save the TaTa's." Well, people...that did it for Aaron. He did not stop laughing for an hour. I told him there are several names for breasts (okay hundreds) that they will hear in their lifetime. Michael walked in and asked Aaron why he was laughing and Aaron said, "Well! Mama keeps saying some really funny words." I told him that even though he thinks MY body is weird...just wait a few years and you'll soon realize, yours is ALOT weirder than mine. At least I don't have a ding dong! He laughed and said, "No, I guess I'm just used to mine. Yall's is weird."

So there you have it. Save the tata's, boobs, breasts, whatever you call them. Thank you to my sisters and SIL for making great conversations come up between my boys and myself. Just remember, I have boys. Michael gets to give the "other" talk. Y'all have alot of fun times and fun conversations coming up in a few years with all those girls! Love y'all!!!

From a mom of three boys and proud of my tata's,


  1. Love it!!! We had a similar funny when Wall-E came out. Jared "remember, Mom, remember when Wall-E put on the booby clothes?" Me "What?" Jared "The booby clothes, you know when he couldn't see." Me & Sonny both at the same time - laughing so hard we're choking!!! Boys are just FUN!