Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Featuring 4 Smart Cookies...

Last week I posted about the Tea Party tradition that I started with the ladies in my family.  I also quickly mentioned how happy I was to find a little gem in Friendswood where I ordered the sugar cookies from, shaped like teapots, spoons, and teacups.
First let me show you some pics of her cookies, then read on for a little Q&A with Bridget.

 I am featuring her on my blog because I just couldn't keep this secret to myself.  Here's what Bridget had to say...

   I am a blessed wife & stay at home Mom of 4 smart and great kids, which is how I came up with my name 4 Smart Cookies.    I never though I was an artist until I started making cookies.  It is truly a great moment to see peoples reaction not only how they look but how they taste.

Q:  When did you start baking and what was your first sugar cookie shape that you can remember decorating?
    I have been baking for.. well as long as I can remember I actually Love to cook and bake!  I didn't really get into making sugar cookies until I moved to Houston about 2 years ago.   My kiddos always had a class party that I made cookies for.... I do not care for store bought cookies or sweets for that matter.  I come for a large family that loves "Good Food" that is Homemade!  I remember my first cookie that I made was a large princess crown for my daughters birthday party... (She had a tea party and the girls decorated the cookie to take home)
My first decorated cookie was made about 4 years ago for a good friends baby shower.. I individually wrapped and iced "K"s, about 5 dozen.  They were a Big Hit! 

Q:  What has been some of your favorite themes to decorate?  (i.e. the cute baby showers, the funny 40th birthday, holidays, etc)
   I guess I do not have a favorite.  I love decorating cookies... I can't get too sick of one certain cookie too long knowing there is a new holiday or season ahead.  But if I had to choose one it would have to be summer cookies & Christmas:)

Q:What is the story behind your recipe?  Is it passed down? You made it up? Top secret?
    I tried many recipes.... The One that I use that is so yummy I tweaked many times.  Lots of practice makes a great baker! 
    My recipe is very simple...Made with real butter, soft, fresh sugar cookies that tastes as good as a peace of cake.  I have two flavors of cookies, almond, which is original and lemon flavor.

Q: What is the biggest order you've ever filled?
My largest order has been 10 dozen.

Q: What is the trickiest part of decorating cookies?
    I think it is the perfect doe the right oven temp and the consistency of the icing.  If those three things aren't perfect than I do not have a perfect cookie.

Q: Favorite cookie supply store?
   Hobby Lobby and E-bay.

You can find Bridget at www.4smartcookies.com 

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  1. Just found your blog, Kerrie. What fun. Love the cookies. Can't forget that one.

    I so need to get back to my blog.