Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sisters, Family, and a bunch of Mushy stuff...

My family has been through a crazy, difficult, yet very blessed last few days.  My wonderful, 34 year old sister, Kelly, had to have open heart surgery Monday.  Yep, open heart surgery.  There are a few decades between her and her fellow patients on the same floor.  She is the bravest person I know.  Beautiful even after a four hour surgery.  Christian when the going is easy and Christian when the going gets tough.  
Amazing mom, sister, daughter, wife, friend.

These past few days have made me appreciate my family more than I think I ever have before.  We've always been close, but man...nothing like a little sawing of a sternum to really bring you closer.   I am truly blessed.  
Truly blessed.  

My parents.  Wow.  They had five of us...  What were they thinking?  I mean, wasn't I enough?   :)  Obviously not, because 14 months later, Kelly was born.  Then came Robert, Katherine, and John.  (my brothers will have to be another post because...well...there is just not enough room on the Blogger's server for their shenanigans)  Growing up was fun.  We. had. the. best. childhood.  Everything we needed and most of the stuff we wanted.  A little city, grandparents, an old house to remodel, an understanding of grace, a relationship with Jesus later in life, and laughter is our DNA.  

Of course, like every family, we've had our "moments" and probably still will, but my dad won't ever let anyone slip away.  Everyone still lives in the area except...yep you guessed it...us.  BUT!  We are only one and a half hours away.  That's not bad, right?   We make fun of each other like there's no tomorrow, pick, pick, pick, and laugh every time we are together.   Kelly, Robert, and Katherine have given me amazing "extra" siblings.  (those are the "in-laws" but I really don't consider them the "in-laws")
Katie is just like another sister and is THE most easy-going person I know.  Beautiful, patient, a great mom, and as an added bonus she puts up with my brother, Robert.  
M&M's in the nostrils and everything. 

Katherine is my baby sister.  Where do I begin?  Beautiful, funny, sensitive, funny, great mom, and hilarious.  (I'll explain the awesome hat in another post) She is a joy to be around and will do anything for you as long as she doesn't have to break a sweat.  She's the baby sister, remember?  She pretty much looks at me and I'll do it for her.

I'm the big sister.  I need to protect everybody.  Make sure they are happy.  Make sure they have it easy.  Make sure they aren't in pain.  I want to take it from them if they are.  I've learned though, that I can't.  Yes, Kelly and Katherine, there are some things I can't do.  I can't completely take away your pain, or protect you from everything or make it easy.  I sure will try my hardest to make it easier though.  I love my family, my sister's,  and my in-laws "extra" siblings.  Thank you for loving me. 

Now here's the "real" picture...


  1. Love it! So glad Kelly's surgery went well. Katherine was filling us in last night at dinner. Thanks for sharing your heart! :)

  2. Sure hope your sister is doing well. Sounds like she's got a great support system.

  3. What a pretty family!

    I know how you feel, my older sister had ovarian cancer when she was just 19 and it was really scary when she was in the operating room. But she's tough :) and she's been cancer free for almost 5 years.

    Sisters are the best. So glad yours is doing well :)

  4. I have awarded you the Kreativ Blogger award! Check it out here:


  5. Oh, Kerrie, wow. Such a hard thing to face. Sending a prayer up for your sister's FULL recovery. On a positive note, this is a very sweet tribute to your family. I know they must be so touched by your words.