Friday, April 13, 2012

The Photo Booth

   I would have to say this was my favorite part of the Tea Party this year.  After seeing how the pictures turned out, it was a definite.  Photo Booths are a very inexpensive way to create some fun at your party.  I purchased the striped material at Hobby Lobby and hung it from the window.  I added a section of colored pennants and a chair.  I set up my tripod and camera with my nifty remote and started clicking.  The props were different items related to my theme. Most of them were purchased at the dollar store, others at the party store.  Hats, glasses, clown noses, clown tie, and of course the popular mustaches. Those were printed from the internet, cut out, and glued to sticks. Here's the template I used.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.


So the next time you host a party, think about adding a photo booth.  It's a fun way to capture great memories.  Say Cheese!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Kerrie, your pictures are adorable. I wanted to let you know that I'm sending you a Liebster Award. Please stop by my page to check it out :)
    Hugs ~

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