Monday, September 13, 2010

Boxers or what??

Well, I'm sure my boys will hate me when they are older if they ever get around to reading these posts...

It's funny how things sound to kids. When Caleb was little I would spin him around and he would say "Oh, I'm getting busy! I'm gettin' busy!" Instead of "dizzy." That's what he heard.

Growing up, my Brother-in-law thought the song "Dude Looks Like a Lady" was saying "Do Me Like a Lady." Needless to say, when my sister heard him say that for the first time, she laughed her head off!
(it's still a huge laugh in our family to this day)

The one we still aren't correcting, for now, is Caleb's version of Tighty Whities. Here is our conversation...

Caleb: "Mom, I don't want to wear "tiny whiney's" anymore. I want to wear boxers like Jacob and Aaron."
(just to understand what I heard and plus I thought it was soooo cute I asked...)
Mom: "Now what? You don't want wear what?"
Caleb: "You know, tiny whiney's. Like my Batman or Star Wars underwear."
Mom: "Oh, okay. So you want me to buy you some boxers like Jacob, Aaron, and Daddy?"
Caleb: "Yes."

Let me clarify. I, as queen of the house, have ruled out ALL "tiny whiney's." None. Zero. Zip are allowed in my home. This has been this way for several years. It is just a preference and I'm sorry if that offends the "other side." Webster's defines tighty whities as "underwear worn for their support purposes, antonym of boxers. " We are just a boxer friendly home. We are the antonym of tighty whities.

The only glitch in this system is that they hardly offer cute little boxers for 2,3, and 4 year olds and we are stuck buying the Scooby Doo, Star Wars, Blues Clues Underroos from 1978. So, I understand where Caleb is coming from by wanting to be like his Daddy and big brothers. Thank goodness for Mimi. She found some cute boxers for Caleb and saved him from his "tiny whiney's."

Humbled yet again,

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  1. gotta love it..:)
    Old Navy has boxers but I'm not sure how small. That is where we get Zach's.