Sunday, September 19, 2010

Save the Jars!!

No, this isn't a political or environmental statement or post.  But! You really do need to save those jars.  Pickles, olives, jelly, frappuccino, sauces, etc.   Throw 'em in the dishwasher, remove the label and save for a rainy day.  (or a beautiful day!)  This is a great way to create a VERY inexpensive gift for anyone.  Take your jar and wrap some cute scrapbook paper around it and glue it.  Then, embellish the outside how you'd like... a flower, a tag, a stamped image, etc.

Then the fun part.  Choose what you'd like to put inside.  With Halloween coming up, this is a great hostess gift for those costume parties.  You can fill them with candy corn, chocolate, jelly beans, M&M's...  it's endless!  For Valentine's Day, cover a jar and cut strips of paper and list the reasons why you love your hubby or kids and place inside.   One of my favorite things to give is homemade sugar body scrub.  (yes, it really works and I use it!)  The recipe and free tags are available to print.   Great for teachers, moms, sisters, or friends.  Choose the scent you want by using up some of that Bath and Body lotion you have laying around.   You probably have all the ingredients at home already!

Have fun and send me pictures if you make any jars!  I'll post them to share.  I've included two jars for examples.


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  1. These are such a cute idea. I'm anxious to make a "candy jar" for a friend. Thanks for the neat idea!!