Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Pie Safe

I had the pleasure of re-purposing an old pie safe for a friend of mine.  It was an old family piece and she didn't want to get rid of it, but didn't quite know what to do with the, ugh...well...birds...  
Check it out...
Here is the top of the pie safe and all her yellow glory.  

The inside is awesome, equipped with the vent to cool the items inside.

Now we do have to stop for a second and appreciate the hand painted artwork.  It took someone a very long time to do this.
It's just not our generation type of artwork.  
OK.  Moving on.

Here she is finished.  Don't you love the tin top?  She's painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White and distressed a bit to give it that old, worn, and used look.  Still looks a little plain...

So let's open her up and display some linens, baskets, and other treasures as a nice entry way into the master bath.  I loved working on this piece because of it's originality.  Thanks Michelle!

So is their anything in your family that needs a little love or updating?  Look around, you'll be surprised at what you find.
Have a great week!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pillsbury Giveaway!!

This blog post is brought to you by...

 Neat!  I've always wanted to say that! 
(in a deep radio voice)
No, Pillsbury is not my sponsor, but I do get to giveaway an awesome prize!  My family got to try out these wonderful little treats and the Caramel flavor won over the Raspberry 3-2.  
They are great!  What's not to like?
Chocolate - Check
Brownies - Check
Caramel - Check
Cheesecake - Uhh, yes please!

So here's the prize and here's what you've gotta do.  
1. Comment on this post and let me know which one you think you'd like better (Caramel or Raspberry).
2. Make sure you are a follower and that I can contact you via email from your avatar.

The contest ends Thursday, August 25th at 7pm.
I will announce the winner that night via 
random number draw.
Here's what you will receive!

*2 Free packages of Sweet Moments
*An over sized mug
*and a huge, soft, chocolate colored blanket

These ready-to-eat, bite size brownies are layered with delicious fillings, covered 
in a cocoa-kissed shell and topped off with a cocoa drizzle. 

Sweet Moments are now available in two delicious new flavors, each with a combination of rich, 
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Find these and additional flavors like Cocoa Fudge Escape and Cocoa Caramel Obsession in your local 
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    Ready-to-eat Pillsbury® Sweet Moments® give you the indulgence you crave in a 
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    And the winner is!!! 

      Congratulations U2kat510!!  You are comment #2 and will receive the Pillsbury Sweet Moments Package!  Please email me so I can get your address information.  
    Thank you!

    Monday, August 22, 2011

    A New School Year

    The boys were so excited this morning!  (well actually for the last week!)  They couldn't wait to go back to school!  
    (I need to get them to the doctor)
    They are thrilled about who their teachers are this year and so excited about the kids in their class.

    Anyway, they have had amazing teachers during their "career" and I just love making those wonderful ladies feel special.  Some of my good friends are teachers and I'm amazed to hear how much they spend out of their OWN pocket!   Below is the first day of school goodie bag.  Teachers are always using notes or cards for personal use or to send to a parent.  I printed out some cute "notebook paper" cards with each of their names on them.  I got mine from Call Me Crafty Al but you can Google teacher printable cards or crafty teacher gifts or go on Pinterest and check out the amazing things for teachers!  My good friend Christian has a great "board" with really good teacher ideas.  Check it out here. 
    (if you don't have an account with Pinterest yet, email me for an invite)

    Teachers always need a little chocolate and they use all different colors of pens and don't forget the crayons and pencils!  Sticky notes, clips, pins, and gift cards are always a hit!  One of my sweet teacher friends said, "Any type of small gesture is always nice."

    I took the same image and printed their names out for a gift bag name tag.  I hope this tiny token of appreciation makes their day a little bit better.  Also, don't forget about the wonderful ladies in the office.  They have to deal with us, ya know!

    Have a great week and if you have a chance, open up a box of new Crayola Crayons.  Betcha can't do it without smiling...

    Question:  What reminds YOU of school?  What are your memories of the first day back?  

    Oh!!  And stay tuned tomorrow for a GREAT giveaway!  One word hint:  Chocolate
    One word hint:  Chocolate

    Monday, August 15, 2011


    One of the boys' favorite shows is The Daytripper with Chet Garner.  We love seeing all the wonderful things you can do in Texas in a day (or weekend for us).  So to end our summer vacation, we wanted to take a trip to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  We started out at Legoland Discovery Center.  


    The 4-D movies were amazing!  We got to see Clutch Powers and Spellbreaker.

    Lunch at the Rainforest Cafe and we had to get the light up cups...

    The boys entered a Lego building contest and had 30 minutes to build a UFO in their own design.  Jacob ended up winning first place and got a great Lego set!

    The rides were fun!

    The Lego Miniland was probably my favorite.  They had built the main city features and buildings on a Lego scale.  It was amazing to see the details of the Cowboy and Rangers Stadiums, the airport, the Great Wolf Lodge and the Gaylord Texan.  There were farms, oil rigs, a Ferris Wheel, a rodeo, and all the downtown buildings.  I could have stayed in here for hours. 

    Legoland Discovery Center is located in the Grapevine Mills Mall and we really recommend going if you have the chance.   

    The next day we headed over to Mineral Wells, Texas.  This was one of the boys' favorite episodes because he hunted for fossils at the Mineral Wells Fossil Park.   Mineral Wells is located about 80 miles west of Fort Worth.

    It was really neat finding fossils.  
    You'll have to read about the park here.

    We were driving down the road and saw this!  I made Michael turn around so I could take a picture!  Pretty cool to see your name on a sign.  Especially when it's a name like "Lightfoot."

    We are looking forward to planning our next daytrip!
    Enjoy your week!

    Wednesday, August 10, 2011

    Happy Birthday Dad!

    This past weekend we celebrated my dad's 60th birthday at the beach house.  We had so much fun!!!  He was born in 1951 and graduated in 1969 so we really played up the hippie, groovy, tie dyed, generation theme.  We all wore matching tie dyed shirts.  
    (yes, we got plenty of looks on the beach)  

    A retro candy bouquet to bring back memories...

    We grilled Psychedelic Kabobs, had "Half-Baked" Bean, Crazy Cool Cornbread, and Rad Roasted Peace Potatoes.

    A groovy tie dyed surfboard cake with tie dye in the middle!!!
    Thank you Allison.  You are so talented!

    He got alot of great gifts and the one from all of us was a picture of all 8 grand kids together. 

    How cute are they??

    We love you dad!  You're the best.  Happy Birthday.