Monday, March 25, 2013

Two Candy Buffets

Don't you just love Candy Buffets?  So fun.  So happy.  Recently, I've had the privilege of doing two.  The first one was for my brother and SIL at their wedding.  Peacock feathers, purples, blues, and greens were their theme.  Beautiful.  Elegant.
The candy for this was SO FUN to buy for!  There are tons of different candies in these colors and everything was so vibrant.  Green gummy limes, blue raspberry gummy bears, licorice, M&Ms, kisses, turquoise chocolate covered sunflower seeds and Ashley's favorite, Sour Punch Straws, just to name a few.


I also have to brag on my SIL Ashley a little.  She did an amazing job picking out the decor for her wedding.  I know Pinterest was her best friend for many months.  Love the centerpieces.  Probably the biggest thing I was surprised about at the reception was the lighting.  They had a guy come in and set up LED lights with a purple hue and boy, did it make a difference in the feel of the party!  Great idea!


The next one was for the boys' school 40th Anniversary Auction & Gala.  This one was a little bit more difficult.  The theme was Blue & Gold and of course 40 years of ministry to children.  I learned there are TONS of different colors of navy blue.  The gold was pretty easy.  A good amount of individually wrapped candy is golden.  Snickers, Ferrero Rocher, Kisses, Rolos, etc.  I also used colored candy in the "yellow" deparment and it coordinated well with the gold.  Chocolate Sixlets, Gummy Bears, Ghirardelli Chocolate, and Caramel Saltwater Taffy were some of the other choices I used.

Several people have asked me over these months where I buy the candy from.  Alot is bought online.  You have to be very careful because from website to website the prices per pound can vary.  I've used Candy Warehouse, Bulk Candy Store, and Oriental Trading in the past.  I also buy the more common candy from local grocery stores.  Kisses, individually wrapped chocolates, etc.  You can find them on sale at different locations.  

I like candy buffets because they can be customized so many ways.  Budget, size, colors, themes, etc.  Have fun!


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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Katie's Sprinkle


 What a fun baby shower!  We wanted to do a small sprinkle for Katie for her second baby girl, Cora.
Of course we had to use pinks, reds, and hearts for such a name.
My sisters are the bakers in the family.  I did not inherit such greatness.  Take a look at the cupcakes and sugar cookies.  Amazing.  Katherine melted pink chocolate in the form of tiny hearts on wax paper to make toppers for her cupcakes.
Kelly makes REALLY good sugar cookies and made small pink hearts. 

 I concentrated on the decor.  I made paper hearts out of scrapbook paper and got the idea and know-how from this website.
We hung them on the windows and on the light fixture above the table.  For the party favors I melted white chocolate (almond bark) and sprinkled toffee pieces in silicon heart molds.  Wrapped them in bags and that's it!  Simple.


Mom and Daughter
All the girls! 
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