Monday, October 17, 2011

My Etsy Store

Hi Bloggers,
I mentioned a few weeks back that I was working on an Etsy store.  Well it's finally open!

It's a hodgepodge of sorts...Some vintage dictionary prints, custom gifts, printable downloads, and some beautiful vintage jewelry made by my little sister, Katherine.  You've gotta check the necklaces out.  
They are a must have.  Also, with selected dictionary prints you receive a FREE 5x7 Monogram print.   It's a great place to check off some of your Christmas list.

My Etsy store is called The Salvaged Sparrow.
I named it that because of Matthew 10:29-31 and Psalm 84.  We should never be afraid.  We will never be forgotten by God and our worth and value is in Him.  

I like taking things that aren't of much worth and repurposing them, which in turn, gives them a new value.  I'm sure if you've read my blog, you know that by now.  :)

I hope you enjoy my little shop.  If there is anything particular you would like for me to print, please email me.

Have a great week,


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Printable Freebies

Hi there! Since we are approaching October and the fall season, I wanted to create some "subway art" for you to print!  These are great to print and put in an 8x10 picture frame, or give as a gift.  You can either print them at home on card stock or send it to get processed like a picture.  There are two to choose from.  You can print one or both.  Again, these are in 8x10 size.  

Click on the one you want.
Once it comes up in it's own window, right click.
then Save Image As...
Develop as 8x10

There you go!  Have fun!

My printables were featured!!

A Little Knick Knack

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Signs

I've been busy getting ready to open my new Etsy store.  It's just going to have some vintage pieces, handmade items, antiques, signs, and little knick knacks that I've found.  On a wonderful "pick" a few weeks ago, I stumbled across some old cabinet doors.  
Wood...check.  Chippy...check.  
Perfect for a sign...check.

I love different and new sayings.  I think a sign is such a good conversation piece and they make me smile when I read them.  So here are my first two.  Of course the Philippians verse is not a new thing, but on the other hand,  I've been seeing the 
"We Do..." sign a lot lately. 

Now, let me just apologize in advance.  
This next one is completely opposite.  I mean completely
But, Kerrie, isn't this what you preach to your boys over and over about what NOT to do?  Yes, it is.  BUT!  For a "Man Cave" I think it is hilarious.  Check it out.

Dirty, nasty, worn.  The sign, that is.  This one makes me smile, but for a different reason.  My boys, of course, like this one.  The questions came though...  What is a Chick Flick? and what does it mean Scratch Where it Itches?
Again, cheers to mom's of boys everywhere...


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Giveaways!

Update:  Congratulations to comment number 5 and 4.  You have won!  EBPitcher will receive the Box Top Pack and Andrea will receive the Pillsbury Prize Pack.  Congratulations!  I will email you to get your address info.

 Betty Crocker is giving away a prize pack from Box Tops for Education.  I want to encourage everyone to be saving their Box Tops from the specially marked packages.  They are on a ton of things!  And like Caleb says, if you are throwing them away, you are throwing away money!  With each Box Top sent in to your local school, they will receive money.  Real money.  Even if you don't have kids in the house,  save them for your neighbors, grandchildren, or just drop them off at the school down the street!  They will appreciate it.  Click here for more Box Top info!

 On to the Prize Pack!  It's so cute!
The winner will receive a lunch tote, brownie mix, box top pencils, note pads, magnetic clips, and a cute cupcake bag.


Who doesn't love the Doughboy? Here's the scoop.  You'll get 3 coupons for three free packages of their new products, a Doughboy keychain, and plush.  The information, prize pack and giveaway have all been provided by Betty Crocker and Pillsbury through MyBlogSpark

Soooooo....leave a comment and you'll be entered into both drawings!  The contest ends Saturday night at 9pm.  Have fun!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Pieces

I've been finishing up some projects that I've had a while and needed to put up for sale.  I'm pretty excited about all of these pieces and it's going to be hard to watch some of them go.  If you are interested in any of these, please email me for an appointment to view them.

The first one is The Accountant.  When I brought this one home and Michael saw it in the garage, he fell in love with it!  HE actually asked ME if we could KEEP it!?  Yes, I wanted to, but where would we put it?  Yep, that's the dilemma with finding great pieces and that's our rule.  If there is no specific place for it to go, it's gotta go.  So this time we are both pouting...
The really neat thing about this desk is the back has shelves.  It also comes with a matching chair and 2 vintage books.
$225  SOLD

The second piece is called The Secretary.  
 She is a beauty.  I rescued her from a bad blue and red paint job and freshened her up with a gray.  She looks great open and comes completely furnished and staged with vintage books, postcards, envelopes, and more.
$250 SOLD

The other pieces I have for sale are the Mini Pajak,  5 Drawer Beauty and a variety of antiques and knick knacks.
The Mini Pajak is $185 and comes with no accessories.

The 5 Drawer Beauty is $60 with no accessories.
SOLD...Thanks Kathy!

 Stay tuned!  I'm working on an Etsy Shop to start listing some of my vintage and antique items, signs, and more.
Have a great week!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Custom Bedroom

I had another amazing opportunity to decorate a friends master bedroom.  She just moved into a brand new house and I was excited to get started.  This is the before picture.  Don't you love her nightstand? Hey, any port in a storm, right?

This is the after.  I love blues and browns together and there are so many different shades that you can put together.  I was inspired by my sister's bedroom for this particular project.  

 I had the nightstands in my garage and painted them SW River Way.  I antiqued them with Valspar Antiquing Glaze just a bit in the corners.  I re-stained the top to match her bed and to clean it up.

The lamps and most of the pillows were purchased at Marshall's Home Goods.  LOVE. THAT. STORE.  The tray I found at a thrift store for $6, stained and painted it.  I added some vintage books and flowers and voila!  A fresh new looking bedroom.  

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kelly's "New" House to them!  Although it was a previously owned home, you wouldn't know it.  Everything about the inside of the house was changed from floor to ceiling.  Every room.  The transformation was absolutely amazing and I wanted to show you the finished product to give some really good decorating ideas.  
Don't be afraid to use color!!!

My mom and SIL Katie are so talented when it comes to choosing colors, fabric, decor, and furniture for a room.  
Remember the before?

The after is worthy of a magazine.

The living room was painted SW Tea Chest with an accent wall behind the windows painted SW Drizzle.

Yay!  My contribution!  The faux painted fireplace!

This used to be a full wall in the living room.  You would have to walk from the living room all the way around through the dining room to get to the kitchen.  My dad cut an archway leading into the kitchen.  Genius.

The kitchen was a total remodel.  New granite, under counter lighting, new appliances, and paint.  The top cabinets were painted white while the bottom cabinets were painted Sherwin Williams Lagoon.  An antique glaze was added to both.

The downstairs kitchen and halls were painted SW Relaxed Kacki.

The master bedroom is my favorite.  The colors and bedding are beautiful.  The wall color is SW Rain and the night stands are painted a few shades darker, River Way.   One neat thing they did was paint the ceiling a non-traditional color.  Instead of white they used SW Latte.  The bed, curtains, lamps, and bedding make this bedroom so inviting and elegant.


The stairs were a challenge.  When they first looked at the house it felt like you were climbing a ladder, the angle was so steep.  They had a carpenter come in, demo the old, and build new to where it only added a few inches to the front.  This made the angle a little more kid-friendly.  The wood and iron spindles add decor.   

 Master Bathroom - SW Tradewind

Half bath downstairs

Upstairs bathroom - SW Color Hearts of Palm

 The boys' rooms both were painted SW Gray Matters with an accent wall behind their bed.  The orange is SW Marquis Orange and the teal is SW Aquarium.

And my beautiful sister Kelly.  Thanks for letting me show off your home with all the great ideas!


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Pie Safe

I had the pleasure of re-purposing an old pie safe for a friend of mine.  It was an old family piece and she didn't want to get rid of it, but didn't quite know what to do with the, ugh...well...birds...  
Check it out...
Here is the top of the pie safe and all her yellow glory.  

The inside is awesome, equipped with the vent to cool the items inside.

Now we do have to stop for a second and appreciate the hand painted artwork.  It took someone a very long time to do this.
It's just not our generation type of artwork.  
OK.  Moving on.

Here she is finished.  Don't you love the tin top?  She's painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White and distressed a bit to give it that old, worn, and used look.  Still looks a little plain...

So let's open her up and display some linens, baskets, and other treasures as a nice entry way into the master bath.  I loved working on this piece because of it's originality.  Thanks Michelle!

So is their anything in your family that needs a little love or updating?  Look around, you'll be surprised at what you find.
Have a great week!

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