Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tailgating Fun

This year for homecoming, my friend and I wanted to do something special for our kids in 6th grade.  The Friday of the homecoming game, we had a tailgate lunch for them. 
It was so much fun!  
Yes, I know, it screams Pinterest.  What else can a girl do these days?  We even talk about things being "Pinteresty."
I think it's the details that make even simple things special.

For example, these water bottles.

I peeled off the Kroger label and designed and printed out some Bronco and homecoming labels and laminated them at Mardel.  (25 cents a foot DIY)  A little hot glue to secure them and you've got personalized water bottles.

These "penalty pops" are yellow napkins with tootsie pops in them upside down.
 Of course we had to set up everything in the back of our vehicles to get that authentic tailgating feel! 
The football pennants were cut out using a template and scrapbook paper. Hot glue to adhere to twine.

I made a canvas pennant with the word Broncos on it to attach between the cars.

If I'm having a theme party I try to be as goofy as possible and name the food items to fit with the theme...
Kick-Off Kabobs
Hail Mary Hot Dogs
Bronco Bread
Touchdown Twix
Half-Time Hamburgers
(p.s. the Bronco Bread is the Crack Bread recipe I posted a while back)


Most of the items I used were from my house.  This is a great way to keep the cost down.  A little wooden chair, a chalkboard with a faux football play on it, some pumpkins, pom poms, blankets,  and boxes for height.
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