Sunday, May 29, 2011

Extended Giveaway

Hi friends.  Because Google Friend Connect was down this weekend I wanted to extend the length of time for the giveaway.  So if you would like to "Follow" Boxers, Cleats, and Me please do. I'd love for you to join us.  Click HERE for all the details and to leave a comment to enter the sign giveaway.   The contest will now go until Monday at 8pm CST.   

Have a great holiday weekend!

Congratulations to Lisa for being the 13th post.
You were chosen by to receive the Shoe Repair sign.
Please contact me so I can send it to you!  Thanks!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

100 Followers!!!... Friends

Yay!  It's GIVEAWAY time!  I am so excited!  Tammy from Homespun Happenings pushed us to the 100 Followers mark.  I really don't like the word Followers for my blog, so I'm changing it to Friends of BCM.  There are some really great ladies here in the blog world.

As promised, I am giving away the "Shoe Repair" hand painted sign for reaching the 100 mark.  Each person can enter only once.  Giveaway ends Sunday night at 8pm CST and winner will be picked via service and announced Tuesday morning.  (due to Monday being a holiday) US residents only.

Here's what you've gotta do to be eligible to win it!

*Become a new follower and let me know in this post.
*Comment on this post and let me know you were already one of my first 100.

Thanks ladies for making this blog so much fun to do!
Here are some highlights from the past few months.

 Have a great week and  let's get this giveaway started!

Congratulations to Lisa for being the 13th post.
You were chosen by to receive the Shoe Repair sign.
Please contact me so I can send it to you!  Thanks!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dabbling in Signs

I've been seeing these cute hand painted signs alot of places and wanted to see if I could dabble in it a little.  How on earth do people paint so straight and so good?!?!  Well, if I don't know, I ask!  The ladies on blogs are so helpful and nice.  

 How cute is that?

I emailed her and she explained how she does it.  So...I powered up my Photoshop Elements and designed a few vintage ads.  Made them just the right size to fit my wood and printed them out.  Then, (watch out it gets complicated)  traced the letters on the wood with a ball point pen.  The pen makes an indention in the wood and when you lift up the paper you can see it to paint it!  Seriously?!?  It's that simple?  Yep.  Check out my three.

The Overman Wheel Co. was my first.  Don't know what I'm gonna do with it quite yet, but I like it.  The Shoe Repair is my giveaway for a lucky reader when I reach 100 followers.
The EAT sign is for a special person who hasn't received it yet...  :)

So...what is a project you've been wanting to do, but just don't know how?  Research it and JUST DO IT!  
That's how everybody starts out!
Hope you are having a great week!  The boys only have a few more days of school left and they are ready!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Featuring 4 Smart Cookies...

Last week I posted about the Tea Party tradition that I started with the ladies in my family.  I also quickly mentioned how happy I was to find a little gem in Friendswood where I ordered the sugar cookies from, shaped like teapots, spoons, and teacups.
First let me show you some pics of her cookies, then read on for a little Q&A with Bridget.

 I am featuring her on my blog because I just couldn't keep this secret to myself.  Here's what Bridget had to say...

   I am a blessed wife & stay at home Mom of 4 smart and great kids, which is how I came up with my name 4 Smart Cookies.    I never though I was an artist until I started making cookies.  It is truly a great moment to see peoples reaction not only how they look but how they taste.

Q:  When did you start baking and what was your first sugar cookie shape that you can remember decorating?
    I have been baking for.. well as long as I can remember I actually Love to cook and bake!  I didn't really get into making sugar cookies until I moved to Houston about 2 years ago.   My kiddos always had a class party that I made cookies for.... I do not care for store bought cookies or sweets for that matter.  I come for a large family that loves "Good Food" that is Homemade!  I remember my first cookie that I made was a large princess crown for my daughters birthday party... (She had a tea party and the girls decorated the cookie to take home)
My first decorated cookie was made about 4 years ago for a good friends baby shower.. I individually wrapped and iced "K"s, about 5 dozen.  They were a Big Hit! 

Q:  What has been some of your favorite themes to decorate?  (i.e. the cute baby showers, the funny 40th birthday, holidays, etc)
   I guess I do not have a favorite.  I love decorating cookies... I can't get too sick of one certain cookie too long knowing there is a new holiday or season ahead.  But if I had to choose one it would have to be summer cookies & Christmas:)

Q:What is the story behind your recipe?  Is it passed down? You made it up? Top secret?
    I tried many recipes.... The One that I use that is so yummy I tweaked many times.  Lots of practice makes a great baker! 
    My recipe is very simple...Made with real butter, soft, fresh sugar cookies that tastes as good as a peace of cake.  I have two flavors of cookies, almond, which is original and lemon flavor.

Q: What is the biggest order you've ever filled?
My largest order has been 10 dozen.

Q: What is the trickiest part of decorating cookies?
    I think it is the perfect doe the right oven temp and the consistency of the icing.  If those three things aren't perfect than I do not have a perfect cookie.

Q: Favorite cookie supply store?
   Hobby Lobby and E-bay.

You can find Bridget at 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The stories she's heard...

I love pieces of furniture with a good story.  
THIS one has a story and she's heard her fair share of them too.  Before I tell you why, let me show you what she looked like before...

We picked her up at a garage sale a few months ago and I fell in love with her 5 cute little drawers. She's tall and slender, unique and plain.  The lady was happy to tell me what it was made for.  Her and her sister had a beauty shop together years ago and they had a handyman make them a rolling cart for all their perm, hair, and color supplies.  (ahhh...the smell of a perm)   He made it out of a speaker box!  How clever!  I can't imagine all the gossip she heard being rolled around a beauty shop.   I loved her size and took her home for a "makeover."  (corny pun free of charge)

I stripped her down and stained just the top a dark walnut.  I painted the rest of her a creamy white and then applied an antique glaze.  She had her knobs replaced during the makeover and it gave her a new fresh look.  She's ready for her big reveal and a new home.  
Her dimensions are 15 wide (at base), 12 deep, and 33 tall.
A great conversation piece - $70

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tea Anyone?

I started a new tradition this year with all the Martin girls, big and little.  Each year around Easter I am hosting a Tea.  This is really just an excuse for us to get together, eat good food, and for me to be able to create girly decorations.  

This year I went with the antique, vintage tea party.  Each year I'll do something a little different, but this
year it was burlap, blacks, off whites, yellows, vintage dictionary pages, and other antiques.
I tried to do everything hand crafted and affordable.  


The place mats and napkin rings are scrapbook paper and the table runner is a piece of burlap from Hobby Lobby.  I used vintage items around my house to decorate the table and spray painted some frames to house my printed dictionary pages.  The doilies under the plates were bright white so I painted them with acrylic art paint to match.  Easy things, but all together makes a great table.

The teacup, kettle, and tea spoon sugar cookies were a custom order, but that is going to be a future post!  I've discovered a gem and I'll share it with you soon!

April 2011
Here's the Martin Girls
Kelly, Kerrie, Aunt Candye, Lily, Katherine, Poppy, Katie
Mom and Zoey

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Pajak Bar


Every time I get a new piece I think it's my favorite.  Well, this one is.  Not the piece per se, but the color and paint details.  This is my second thing to use my Annie Sloan Chalk paint on and I'm still in love.  When I first saw it, I thought it was just a regular chest or small buffet.  I shouldn't have judged a book by it's cover.  The top "drawer" folds down and the "lid" folds up.  Inside is a bar.  Places for glasses, wine bottles, etc. even key holes to keep it locked. I kept the original hardware because it was in such good shape. I haven't seen a piece like this before.

 This is what he looked like before.  Very blah and boring.  His veneer was in bad shape on his right door.  I repaired the lifting veneer and used wood filler to smooth it out where it had broken off.

I was inspired by a night stand in my parents' house for the design.  Stripes.  I hadn't done stripes on anything yet and was eager to try.   The paint is my Old White Annie Sloan and some blues and browns that I combined to make the stripes.  I LOVED distressing this piece and I had a person in mind... Mrs. Pajak.   She is a wonderful teacher and friend, and has a home near the water so I knew it would be perfect.  We had talked about this piece previously and she was excited.  She was even more excited when she saw it!  "It's perfect. I love it!  I want it!"  Before I could even post it on my blog, it was sold.  I named him The Pajak Bar.  He's going to a good home by the sea.

Update:  I'm proud to announce that The Pajak Bar was featured at Under the Table Dreaming, French Country Cottage, and Redoux.  Click on the buttons to see each link.   Thank you ladies!

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