Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why the Blog?

OK. So this is my new blog, my life, my outlet. I'm a mom of boys. Three to be exact and four if you count my husband. Growing up when you are thinking about kids, our human nature is to think "Oh how cute is it going to be with my little boy and my little girl." I have two brothers and two sisters so I'm okay on both ends. I (like alot of women) were looking forward to the day of dressing my cute little baby girl in frilly outfits and bows, braiding her hair, and going to recitals. Right? Well, God blessed me with a boy who I fell in love with at 16 years old. Michael and I have been married for 13 years and he loves me more than I deserve. Then God blessed us with Jacob, Aaron, and Caleb. I became an official, card-carrying, due payin', sold out, Boy Mom.

I'm a girly girl of sorts, thrust into a world of boys. Cub scouts, soccer, boxers (not briefs), camping, Lego's, Star Wars, armpit "music", wet dog smell, shades of blue, boy movies, boy parties, mud and dirt, poots,  farts, and every other word describing the nasty sound and smell that come from them. (and why they think this a continual and endless form of amusement is still a mystery to me)

If you ask me if it ever bothers me to be the only girl in a house, I would say yes.  I mean, come on, I live in a house full of ding dongs and testosterone. Sometimes I feel like the"fifth wheel" in the family.  But...if you ask me if I'd change anything I would say not in a million years.  I have the sweetest, most handsome, wonderful, respectful boys that I hope one day will become wonderful Christian husbands.  What a wonderful (and scary) privilege God has given us.

So...What does all this mean for my blog?  This is MY girl time.  My outlet. The time where I will be able to share things that I love to do and hope to inspire others to be creative.  I love to make things "cute."  Like a fellow blogger said..."Presentation, presentation, presentation."  I also love to make other people feel special.  This can be with a simple compliment of their hair or outfit, a card in the mail, or it can be a small gift.  In our fast food, fast-paced, pre-made life we tend to forget how much we can affect others by just a tiny action.  I also love photography, painting, card making, reading, gardening, and finding old furniture to redo.  I am a Christian.  A sinner saved by God's grace. I am head of the Women's Ministry at my church, Bay Area Presbyterian, and enjoy teaching the women's Bible Study.

I hope you enjoy my future posts.  I have never wanted to "show off" what I create, so I've kept it to myself.  After seeing other ladies' blogs, I am inspired to give other people ideas that are easy to replicate or just an idea or challenge for life. Also, I've been asked several time on certain projects  "How'd you do that?"  Here is where I'll be able to show you.  There will be a little "boy humor" added in sometimes, so I hope you aren't offended.  That's kind of just the way it is at our house.  I ask you to share yours too!  Boys are unique creatures, to say the least.  I am so excited about this new part of my week!  Check out what I'm reading on the right.  I'll update regularly.  My three boys are all in school now, so I have a little extra time.  Join me for the fun and subscribe!


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  1. Hey!! I didn't know you had a NEW blog?!?! What does this mean for the old one? I'll follow you here, too ... so I don't miss a thing!!

    Love and miss you!

  2. P.S. I did BSF for YEARS!! I'd love to do Isaiah, but I can't commit to the Monday night class this year, and Ethan is too old for the day class. :(

    Eli and Sadie will still go with Sandy, though! Their preschool Bible program is second to none (IMHO). ;)