Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dine-In Valentine's

Happy Belated Valentine's!
Since Michael and I celebrate our anniversary on February 1st, we usually have a more casual Valentine's Day with the boys. This year I wanted to do a dinner at home again. I've been asked alot lately why my boys are so well behaved and how they act so good when they are in public. Well, it's because of several factors. One is "Sunday Spankings," as we affectionately call it. Each Sunday morning we line them up for their weekly spankings to "get it out of the way" because we know they are going to do something that week anyway. The second factor is only by God's grace. The third is alot of consistant tears and sweat going into CONSTANT training at home. Don't fart around ladies, be a gentleman, don't burp at the table, no potty talk, have some etiquette, be patient, be polite, don't fart around girls, don't be an animal in public, use your manners, say yes ma'am and no sir, you are NOT the entertainment for tonight even though you think you are, oh and no bodily functions around ladies. We. Do. Not. Want. To. Hear. That.

We are old school parents. The kids do not run the house. We do. Soap is not just for washing hands at our home. You aren't going to talk back or disrespect an adult. Why? Because you are a CHILD. We would actually like you to grow up to become someone NICE to be around. Yes, we do love you. And believe me, it would be easier to just let everything pass by. My job would be...well...not a job anymore.

So, going back to the picture. I always use home as a "testing" ground for how they act in public. If they are jumping on MY beds, more than likely they'll jump on someone else's. If they burp at the table, why wouldn't they at the pastor's house? So last night I had a 3 course meal and place settings planned. No one starts eating until we all have our food and sitting. Which fork to use, where to place your napkin, that you can actually use an inside voice and act like a gentleman for a short period of time, and how to be thankful, gracious, and polite.

Now, please understand. My boys are not perfect and neither are we. Yes, my house gets messy, yes they do things that would make your grandmother blush, and yes, there are times when I feel like bringing them to an adoption agency and putting a sign on them that says "Free To Good Home." I love my boys dearly and wouldn't trade them for the world. But, because of all this I can trust with a high certainty that when we go places or visit with others, that they aren't coloring a room a new shade of crayon, pulling little Susie's hair out, putting a wet barbie doll in the printer, or flushing toys to see if they would "go swim with Nemo."

I have a note on my fridge that says "Boys are God's way of saying your house is too neat." I like that. BUT, with a little training I can hopefully get through the next 20 years and push out three godly, handsome, respectful MEN into this crazy world.
So here is to you- My future daughter-in-laws...hopefully you won't have to do too much.


p.s. before anyone calls CPS about our Sunday rituals...please see definition of sarcasm.

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  1. LOVED this post! Reminds me that I need to keep doing what I'm doing to raise JHP into someone a girl would want to marry!

  2. hey, girl! didn't know you blogged. You now have a new stalker...er, reader. :)