Tuesday, April 5, 2011

While the paint dries...

I've been working on the 3 drawer wash stand and I've almost got it finished. I just have to finish repairing the side and seal it. While the paint is drying, I'd like to show you how talented my little sister Katherine is.
Maybe this will help YOU with ideas for a party!

This is Lily's 1st birthday party. Did I mention I have super cute nieces? Anyway, all the little details is what made this party special. Even though there was pink everywhere, the boys LOVED it. She made a special punch for the kids with pink sugar around the cups and gummy straws to drink it with! Gumball machines and lollipops for party favors and can you believe that cake? A friend of the family, Alison, made it. AMAZING. On the other table was a "special" punch for the adults. Yum. It was a great afternoon spent with my family. Happy 1st Birthday Lily!!


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