Sunday, April 3, 2011

You must have been a beautiful baby...

I interrupt this furniture restoration to bring you a super cute baby. My niece Poppy Olivia is precious. Love her name. Love her eyes. Love her personality. She loves her Uncle Michael. This is half a post to show-off my niece and half to show how much editing makes a difference in a photo. The photo on the left is SOOC. Straight out of the camera. When I first started taking pictures I thought I was just a horrible photographer. I would tell Michael, "My pictures don't look anything like everyone else's." The truth is my pictures didn't look like anyone's on the internet. Very frustrating. What's wrong with my camera? What's wrong with my settings. Then a sweet friend told me that hardly ANY of the pictures we see are SOOC. Whew! A little relief. But then came countless days and nights of understanding Photoshop Elements. What to enhance, what to brighten, what to saturate, etc. Changing a picture in PSE should just enhance the photos you take, not completely warp them into something they are not. It sure does help this stay-at-home mom to print pictures that are worthy of this kind of cuteness!!! Don't you agree??

Click on photos for a larger view.


  1. Your niece is super cute!

    And I've been frustrating with my photos, too. I edit my photos at, but not as good as Photoshop though. I think I should learn how to use Photoshop.

    Thank you, Kerrie!